Health Bound

Who We Are

At Health Bound, we focus on solutions to the growing concerns of our healthcare system – on finding and formulating practical ways to help people recover from serious illness and injury.  We bring care, research, and education together to discover and create new approaches and new answers. To help individuals develop to their fullest physical, psychological, social and economic potential consistent with their cultural traditions and their environmental limitations.

With our publically funded healthcare system under enormous pressure due to spiraling costs and our maturing population, there remains the challenge of delivering high-quality care to all Ontarians.  Health Bound speaks to this need to think about healthcare in new and different ways:

  • To provide quality healthcare services in order to see the best possible health outcomes.
  • To deliver care that works through the use of the most up to date information available.
  • To fill the gap for patients who require the utmost level of care and the most personalized attention available.
  • To challenge the organization and ourselves.
  • To commit to continuing education of our professionals in order to provide the most modern integrative approaches.
  • To drive the vital change and innovation that will allow people to live life to the fullest, regardless of impairment.
  • To strive for excellence.

It is time to transform healthcare and restore your body’s functions!