Health Bound

Case Management

A Case Manager’s role is to work with person’s served, interdisciplinary team members, insurance companies and legal representatives to identify and facilitate services for meeting a person’s health needs, with the goal of decreasing fragmentation and duplication of care, and enhancing quality, cost-effective client outcomes.  Case Managers work as care coordinators, advocates, educators and researchers on behalf of the client.



Case Managers assess the needs of the person’s served, the family and the environment to best optimize rehabilitation and recovery.  Individual needs change throughout the rehabilitation process and it is important that the Case Manager identify these changes to adjust the care plan accordingly.


Case Managers work closely with members of the interdisciplinary team, legal representatives, insurance company and the individual to create a care plan that best suits the person’s served needs.  Planning is an iterative process whereby all those involved have ongoing input on how the plan of care should be executed.


Case Managers ensure that the person’s served have appointments with the appropriate health professionals, the home environment is safe for the person, and the person has the necessary assistive devices to help facilitate their rehabilitation.


Case Managers monitor intervention outcomes and the overall progress of the person’s served.  They evaluate the success of the plan of care and make adjustments, with input from all involved individuals, to help facilitate quality care and patient-centered outcomes.