Health Bound

Medico-Legal Services

Critique/Consultation pertaining to other Expert Occupational Therapist Report
This service is available to lawyers, employers, unions and insurance personnel, and includes the following components:

  • Interpretation of relevant medical and functional test procedures
  • Delineation of gaps in other expert’s methodology
  • Delineation of errors of interpretation, clinical reasoning, and report writing
  • Alternate interpretations or opinions
  • Guidance regarding reasons for further inquiry
  • Provision of evidence-based research as a tool in cross examinations
  • Critique of quoted research by other experts

Facilitation of Cross Examination of Expert Testimony
This service incorporates case consultation/critique, as well as the development of questions to be used in cross examination. Attendance at legal proceedings is often requested to evaluate witness testimony, and provide guidance to the lawyer for 2nd order questions.
Functional Analysis of Surveillance Video
This service includes one or more of the following components:

  • Expert functional analysis of activities on videotape in relation to known medical impairments
  • Guidance regarding utility of videotape in case proceedings
  • Guidance regarding accuracy of decisions of lay personnel based on their interpretations of videotape